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    Dr. Marty Amos 
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Mediation services availble 
I provide Divorce, Employment, Elder Care and Civil Matter Mediation. I received over 40 hours of educational instruction in dealing with all issues. I am Solution Focused Mediator and believe in finding the best solutuion for all parties involved.  I have also had training in Child Custody issues, and will Mediate for  what is best for the children. 

$ 50.00 an hour per person

​Parental Coordinator offered and recognized from Mesa County Combined courts
$50.00 an hour per person. 
If you have any question please call and we can discuss your individual issues and if I can provide service to you or your family. If not I can provide referalls to qualified personals. 
Group days and times 

Monday:  SA/DUI Therapy 5 pm       DUI Education 7 pm 
Tuesday  DBT 10 am (women only)         DBT  5 pm everyone 
Wednesday DUI Education 5 pm     SA/DUI Therapy 7 pm
Thursday SA/DUI Therapy 10 am    SA/DUI Therapy 5 pm
Friday    DUI Education  10am         SA/DUI Therapy 4 pm
Saturday DUI Education 9 am 
                SA/DUI therapy 10:30 am 
                SA/DUI Therapy 11:00 am
Forensic Services:
Emotional Support Animal therapy and letters
In custody evaluation for substance abuse and mental health
Competency to stand trial evaluations
Competency at the time of the crime evaluations.