Amos Counseling
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Dr. Marty Amos 
1131 N 21 street  
Grand Junction CO, 81501   
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              Mediation services available 
I provide Divorce, Employment, Elder Care and Civil Matter Mediation. I received over 40 hours of educational instruction in dealing with all issues. I am Solution Focused Mediator and believe in finding the best solutuion for all parties involved.  I have also had training in Child Custody issues, and will Mediate for  what is best for the children. 

$ 75.00 an hour per person 
If you have any question please call and we can discuss your individual issues and if I can provide service to you or your family. If not I can provide referral to qualified personals. 
Group days and times 

Monday:    SA/ DUI  Therapy 5 pm       SA/DUI Education 7 pm 
Tuesday    DBT  5 pm                           Anger management  5 pm  
Wed.         SA/DUI Therapy 7 pm          Education ZOOM 7pm   
                  5:30 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  7pm Zoom CBT
Thursday  SA/DUI Therapy 10 am       SA/DUI Therapy 5 pm
Friday       SA/DUI  Education  10am    SA/DUI Therapy 4 pm
Saturday   SA/ DUI Education 9 am  
                 SA/DUI Therapy 11:00 am
Sunday     SA/DUI therapy, 10 am, 
                 CBT 12 pm  
Some classes can be accessed by ZOOM  
                       Forensic Services
Emotional Support Animal therapy and letters
In custody evaluation for substance abuse and mental health
Competency to stand trial evaluations
Competency at the time of the crime evaluations.