Mandatory time for Jail began in July of 2010
​Colorado modified the amount of time an offender is required to stay in jail for a DUI conviction and now imposes a 10-day minimum jail term for a second offense as well as a 60-day minimum jail sentence for a third and subsequent offenses. Additionally, the law has eliminated the requirement that an offender wear an ankle bracelet leaving only two options: either serve requisite time or apply for a work release program.
Each year new laws are passed that effect  people and families including current DUI clients, here is the links to those laws to keep yourselves updated and knowledgeable. Here are some stories about DUI's that have happened. These are real stories, names may have been obmitted per the client. 

Bill was charged this past summer with DUI for having a BAC of .03 he went to court and the judge reduced it to reckless driving. His penalty was 12 classes at 25.00 a class, 24 hours of community service and 600.00 in fines and fees. One beer at Applebees's landed him in my class. 

Charlie was convicted of DUI for drinking in his driveway while working on his car. Private land is not exempt from DUI in Colorado. 
New rules bring drunk boating in line with Colorado DUI.

Colorado has toughened its Boating Under the Influence laws, making them consistent with the offense of Driving Under the Influence. The legal threshold for intoxication was lowered to .08%. 

It also makes the operation of any waterborne vessel subject to a drunk boating arrest. Previously the Colorado BUI laws covered motorboats and sailboats. The new legislation expands the law to anything powered by motor, paddle or oar, including jet skis, kayaks, canoes and rafts, and innertubes. 
BUI penalties can include a jail term, fines, a restriction on use of the watercraft and community service.

Any prescription medication while driving can be a DUI, heart medication, anit-anxiety, even depression medication. 

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New laws and stories for DUI offenders 
Want to know more about the Colorado Laws, here are the state statutes:

Here are the Bills being voted on in 2014​
A new law will requrie DUI offenders to bond out of jail